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This site displays a number of details about the many DVD and Blu-ray releases. Some titles show more details than others, but there are several specificatons listed, where known, for most titles. This page gives a description of the meaning of the main disc specificatoins shown on the DVD/Blu-ray review/information pages:


This is very important and shows the what the region coding is for the disc.

If you have a UK player and are interested in a DVD, ensure that it is "Region 2" (which is the region coding for Europe) or region 0 (all regions). DVD titles can be for more than one region (eg. 2,4), so ensure that Region 2 is one of those listed.

If you have a UK Blu-ray player and are interested in a Blu-ray title, ensure that the disc shows "Region B" (which is the Blu-ray region for Europe or that it says "All Regions".

If you have a player that can play DVD and Blu-ray titles of any region coding, this may not be applicable. If you have a US player, as well as the region, you should also check your player and/or TV is capable of playing the video format of the content.

For a full list of the various DVD and Blu-ray region codings, see Guide to Region Coding

Aspect Ratio

This shows the aspect ratio (the ratio of the width to the height) of the (main) film/TV programme on the disc, excluding any black bars. On Blu-ray, all high definition content is encoded with an aspect ratio of appox 1.78:1 (1920x1080), with black bars encoded at the top and bottom or pillar box bars at the sides, depending on the aspect ratio of the content (see Active Picture).

If a disc set includes multiple films, with multiple aspect ratios, this should be stated in the product description.

Active Picture

This is based on the video format and the content aspect ratio excluding black bars. It shows approximately how many pixels (width x height) are used for the encoded picture, exluding any black bars/pillar box bars. It give an indication of picture resolution/maximum resolution that could be encoded on the title.

Video Format

The shows the video format of the main content on the disc. For example:
1080/24p - This means 1080 lines at 24 progressive frame per second. All Blu-ray titles with 1080 lines are encoded at 1920x1080 (though the format is also capable of 1440x1080). Most "24 fps" Blu-ray titles are actually encoded at 24*(1000/1001) fps (approx 23.976 fps), but these are also referred to as 1080/24p on the site.
1080/50i - This means 1080 lines at 50 fields per second (i=interlaced).
576/50i (PAL) - This means 576 lines at 50 fields per second. For example 720x576. This is the DVD format referred to as "PAL".