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Seventh Son (Blu-ray) (2015)

Region: B
Rating: 12
Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1
Active Picture: 1920x800
Video Format: 1080/24p

No. of Discs: 1
Running Time: 102 mins
Blu-ray Release Date: 27/07/2015

Fantasy adventure based on the "Spooks" novel. The film is about the last of an order of knights whose mission was to defeat "the forces of darkness". The main older warrior and his apprentices set out to try to fight against a group of witches, and others, led by one main, evil witch. However on their journey, Tom, the apprentice Spook (and a seventh son of a seventh son), encounters Alice, who has been accused of being a witch, but who may be on the side of good.

The film includes giant creatures such as dragon-like and troll-like ones, and witches.

A good film, the picture could have been a bit more detailed, including in the darker scenes. And it could have been a bit longer. The visual effects were good. The very ending might have been better a little bit more like the alternate ending. Also the extras were good, but there is no commentary option. The main menu options are symbols instead of more meaninful text.

* Alternate Ending
* Deleted/Alternate Scenes (with option to view individually/all)
* The Making of Seventh Son (in 3 parts, 1080p24, 1.78:1 except for film clips)
* The Legend and Lore of The Seventh Son (2d-ish animated short documentary)
* Visual effects gallerries (4 short clips showing various stages/elements of visual effects scenes - between 30 secs to 1 minute each)

Audio options: English, Castellano, Francois, Deutsch, Italiano, English DVS (Description Video Service)

Subtitle options: English, French, Italian etc.
Studio: Universal Pictures UK
Genres: Fantasy, Action/Adventure
Master Gregory
Jeff Bridges
Tom Ward Ben Barnes
Mother Malkin Julianne Moore
Alicia Vikander
Bony Lizzie Antje Traue
Mam Ward Olivia Williams
Mr. Bradley
Kit Harington
Tusk John Desantis
Picture Quality
Special Features