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A Guide to Region Coding on DVD and Blu-ray

The following tables show the region codings that can be set on DVD and Blu-ray titles.

Standard Definition DVD Region Codes:-

0 Disc Plays on all regions
1 USA, Canada
2 Europe (including UK), Japan
3 Taiwan, Hong Kong
4 Australia, New Zealand, South America
5 Africa, Russia, India
6 China (except Hong Kong)
7 Reserved
8 Special Venues

A DVD may have more than one region code so that it plays in more than one region, or it could be set to region code 0 so it plays in all regions.

Blu-ray Region Codes:-

A North America, Central America, South America, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong & South East Asia
B Europe (including the UK), Greenland, French territories, Middle East, Africa, Australia & New Zealand
C India, Nepal, Mainland China, Russia, Central & South Asia

Some Blu-ray titles are encoded for more than one region, eg. if they were encoded 'ABC' they should be playable in all regions (as long as the player was compatible with the content).